Anubis Way
This story is not only about sports, martial arts or show business. The life path of Anubis creates a whole philosophy that will guide you along the path, where everyone will pick up something of their own. It's time to change human consciousness, because it stagnates at one point for several thousand years. Change is inevitable.

Автор скандального клипа о Хабибе провел бой на голых кулаках с дагестанцем

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Российский боец ММА выпустил видеодисс на Хабиба Нурмагомедова

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Why can’t I stop?

«I have a goal; I have a dream. If you truly believe in your dream and make everything so it becomes real, then you will see the fruits of your labor no matter what. Don’t set boundaries, don’t give up after numerous failures, respect yourself and what you are working on, develop yourself in order to evolve, work hard and make your dreams come true!»

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